Chocolate Syrup

Have you ever been given a block of dark chocolate and turned up you nose because it tastes too bitter? Its time to use up all the uneaten chocolate and make this delicious three ingredient chocolate syrup. Fast and fun to make, this home made rose flavoured chocolate syrup tastes fantastic. Use it to make a decadent espresso martini cocktail or drizzle over pancakes and ice cream. Chocolate syrup is a sweet and versatile condiment that is loved by many so be thrifty and regift the chocolate if its not your thing.



  1. Break up chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl.
  2. Pour over boiling water and Rose simple syrup
  3. Mix with a whisk until smooth
  4. Pour into a glass jar or bottle and seal
  5. Store in refrigerator for up to 3 months

Serving Ideas

  • Make a chocolate espresso martini
  • Pour over pancakes waffles or pudding 
  • Mix up a chocolate milkshake or mocktail
  • Lightly drizzle over fresh fruit or cake
  • Donut Dipping sauce


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