The Marmalade Sour

The Marmalade Sour

This tequila cocktail is to die for and is worth the extra effort.  Served in a beautiful coupe glass.

Ingredients:  30 ml marmalade simple syrup, 45 ml tequila (Tequila Blue Reposado), 30 ml egg white, 30 ml lime juice, ice

Equipment: jigger, cocktail shaker, tea strainer, coupe glass


  • Chill your glass with ice blocks
  • Measure each ingredient into the cocktail shaker
  • Place lid on shaker and dry shake (no ice) for 30 shakes
  • Add ice to shaker and give another 30 shakes
  • Remove ice from glass and strain contents from shaker into glass
  • No need for garnish enjoy your frothy cocktail treat


  • garnish with a thick orange round
  • dip the rim of the cocktail glass in egg white then in sugar for a delicious sugar rim
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