Tasting Notes for Our Botanikos Australian Cocktail Syrups

Botanikos cocktail syrups are for Australians who like to drink natural.

Bottle of Rosemary Simple Syrup

Rosemary Simple Syrup

Earthy and vegetal with herbaceous aromas of fresh cut pine, crushed rosemary leaves and plump ripe lemons on the nose and palate. A pine citrus tang heightens the warm pine notes of juniper berries in the gin. It is recommended to garnish with rosemary and slices of lemon. Try our Rosemary Collins

Lavender Simple Syrup

This cocktail syrup features the floral tenderness of lavender balanced by the bright strength of citrus and a warm vanilla undertone. Combine this sleek, elegant flavour profile with a white or sparkling wine, for a fresh drink at any time of the day.

Bottle of Lavender simple syrup
Bottle of Bergamot simple syrup

Bergamot Simple

Familiar Earl Grey tea notes blend perfectly with citrus peel to lift juniper, spearmint and almond top notes in Gin. Soft on the palate this syrup delivers a light burst of bergamot flavour before quietly and quickly vanishing. The syrup is clean, soft and lacks the citrus punch of the lemon syrup or mouthfeel of the marmalade syrup. Try our French 75

Marmalade Simple Syrup

This is the syrup you need for citrus flavour and pectin texture in your gin cocktails, balancing all of sweet, tangy and bitter with the aroma of gin botanicals. To try a toned-down drink, a splash of soda water will mellow out the flavour.

Bottle of Marmalade simple syrup

Lime Simple Syrup

Made from fresh limes and kaffir leaves this syrup is bursting with potent citrus flavour that is sour with a floral undertone. This syrup has a delightfully distinctive lime flavour & unique taste.

Lemon Simple Syrup

Taste the Australian native bush with lemon myrtle, lemon tea tree and lemon peel flavours in your gin. The lingering lemon freshness will elevate the juniper, vanilla and floral citrus notes of gin cocktails.

Bottle of Lemon simple syrup

Indigo Simple Syrup

This star syrup features warm liquorice anise flavour and butterfly pea flowers provide a striking deep indigo blue colour. The triumph of this syrup comes after adding citrus or soda to cause a pH shift and colour change to magenta. Indigo syrup succeeds in perfectly blending spirits with science & our love of the theatre. You will want to come back for more of this one! Try our Indi Gin Fizz.

Rose Simple Syrup

Rose has long been associated with love and used as a fragrance for pleasure. This syrup is a lush shade of pink and provides a sweet garden bouquet bringing plenty of love and pleasure to craft cocktails.

Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Hibiscus tastes like summer with its fruity, sweet, sour notes and a tartness similar to cranberries. To round off the tart, we have blended hibiscus flowers with raspberries strawberries and elderberries for a natural sweet and sour syrup that everyone can enjoy. This berry red syrup contains a fruity punch and pairs well with rum and tequila. Hibiscus Simple Syrup is sure to be an instant hit in party punches. Bring on summer!

Chocola Simple Syrup

For centuries the Dutch have been using a delicious and powerful combination of cinnamon cloves cardamom and nutmeg spices to flavor their comestibles. Try a touch of exotic Dutch spices blended with roasted Australian cocoa shells then add a smidge of warm peppery ginger to treat your taste buds. Chocola syrup dials up the spicy notes but still delivers a smooth velvety taste. A wonderful addition to a gin or vodka espresso martini.

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