An enduring love affair

From my very first gin and tonic, the sense of peace I felt in the moment signaled the beginning of an enduring love affair with the delicious bittersweet spirit.

Gin would continue to feature throughout my life, heightening happy occasions, adding zest in moments of tedium, and delivering a belly-warming comfort in times of trouble.

– Karen, Founder of Botanikos

About Botanikos

The story of Botanikos starts on the South Island of New Zealand in a town called Timaru, having just said a sad goodbye to my family and hometown of Melbourne. I had secured my first academic position and was excited to unite my great loves: research, science and natural therapies. The weeks flew by and on one particularly demanding day, feeling homesick and exhausted, a nursing colleague took pity on the lone “Aussie”. Lounging on the veranda of her serene Canterbury Plains property, she administered my medicine in a twinkling Collins glass…

This was my first Gin and Tonic, but most certainly not my last!

Fast-forward to 2018 in an overgrown herb garden at my holiday house in the Victorian seaside town of Rye, where I am taming a magnificent specimen of rosemary bush. Always endeavouring to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, I found myself pondering: What can I do to honour all of these offcuts?

I looked down at the sweating glass of my afternoon G & T, and with that, the Botanikos Rosemary Simple Syrup was born!

Natural and Local Flavour

When it comes to Botanikos cocktail syrups, all of our botanicals have been selected, tested and adjusted for their depth of flavour. This is what makes our cocktail syrups the perfect partner for any gin or vodka cocktail.

Our cocktail syrups are produced in small batch runs from from locally sourced natural ingredients. Blended to create unique cocktail flavours and bottled right here for that local Australian taste.

Trialled and Tested

All Botanikos cocktail syrups are without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Not only do they only contain natural goodness, but they are also free of gluten or nuts, free of genetically modified organisms, and free of any animal products. So from hypoallergenic to vegan-friendly, Botanikos is clean and simple, the exact cocktail syrups you’ve been looking for, suitable for all occasions.

Sustainability in Our Syrups

Botanikos is your affordable, sustainably made cocktail syrup, for everything from a party starter to unwinding after work.

The principles of sustainability underlie all that we do at Botanikos, and you will see that care imprinted into all of our cocktail syrup products. From our zero-waste approach to the range of natural flavours and ingredients we use in our syrups, you can enjoy our syrups without any of the guilt.

Climate-friendly pledge to minimise our carbon footprint and look after the planet.

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