Botanikos is Greek for herbs. Founder, Karen chose the name as a homage to the herbs that grace our simple syrups and as a sign of respect for nature. Our first simple syrup was made in 2018 from Rosemary leaves picked from Karen’s Kitchen Garden at Rye. Rosemary is a versatile herb she often used in both her cooking and as a medicinal herb for memory so she was excited to discover yet another use as a G&T flavour enhancer. Karen has always been inspired to create flavours using natures best. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Like all good stories this one started at the kitchen bench cooking with herbs! After extreme pruning of a massive rosemary bush in her garden Karen was looking for ways to use the offcuts and gained inspiration from her glass of gin. Sharing the bounty with family and friends led to further explorations into flavours that complimented her favourite drink- gin. Soon she had 5 flavours and that’s when the real fun began…the rest is history.

The original simple syrup is made from home grown rosemary leaves, citric acid, cane sugar and spring water. With the correct formulation a bold and refreshing flavour emerged which would perfectly compliment and elevate an ordinary G&T into savory cocktail bliss. Other beautiful botanical flavours of Lavender, Rose, Hibiscus soon followed keeping the ingredients simple clean and free from artificial colours flavours and preservatives. The emphasis for our syrups is local fresh and natural. Local citrus trees inspired Lime, Lemon and Marmalade syrups. Bespoke creations like Indigo which is made from butterfly pea flowers and star anise harnessed the power of pH to create theatre in a glass. All ingredients are listed on the labels however the exact recipes for our syrups are a secret.

The skin of citrus fruits used to make our syrups contain pectin which is a natural thickening agent used in jelly making. The pectin develops during storage and the Lime, Lemon, and Marmalade syrups need to be shaken before use. They make a wonderful textured cocktail much like the Gomme or gum syrups. The viscosity of our citrus syrups provide evidence that our products are 100% organic and handmade! No colours, preservatives or flavour enhancers are used. WE GO PURE and Natural ALL THE WAY! This also means that with every production, the syrup may look a bit different. All you have to do is shake it, shake it, shake it (like a polaroid picture)

The syrup colours and flavours will last longer however you will find the sugar in the syrup will crystalise out with a drop in temperature much like honey or maple syrup. The sugar can be redissolved once shaken and is not a cause of concern. For syrup which has dripped around the neck of the bottle might cause the cap to stick abit when opening. Not to worry, open as normal and wipe away any sugar crystals before putting the lid back on the bottle.

We use natural cane sugar to carry the botanical flavours of herbs and spices and act as a thickening agent and natural preservative.

Yes, we’re are working on it and we are very happy to hear you’re interested in another version! Keep an eye on our social media and keep up with Botanikos NEWS posts on our website to find out more.

Botanikos simple syrups are made with high quality ingredients and market produce to bring you the freshest most natural syrup on the market. That takes time to pick the ingredients. Herbs need to be blended with other ingredients then steeped to extract the flavours. The syrups are cooked in batches, bottled, labelled, and boxed by hand. Each bottle contains more than the stated 270 ml because we like to err on the side of generosity so you can actually get a total of 18+ glasses of the recommended 15 ml serve’ out of one 270ml bottle. That’s enough for a party!

Ingredients are cultivated in an organic way and used to make syrups in a fair working environment.

You can find our syrups in selected retail shops, café bars and local markets around Melbourne.

Not in a hurry? Then you can order your syrups from our online website shop here and they will be delivered to all parts of Australia via Sendle courier expess.

Estimated arrival times 1-2 days in MELB, 2-5 days NSW/SA/TAS, 5-7 days QLD 7-10 days WA

Proudly Melbourne Made at the gateway to the Yarra Valley in Kilsyth.

Glass can be recycled endlessly. The amber glass bottles are very pretty and the labels are easy to remove making the ideal bottle to repurpose in your home. You can wash it out in the dishwasher and refill it with homemade tomato sauce. Botanikos is also offering incentives for customers to return their empty bottles so be sure to bring your empty bottle to your nearest market recycling point. Or you can get creative and re-use it as a specimen vase or water bottle. Think outside the box!

KIDS? For sure! The more different flavours they get to know, the better, right? Try the syrup in soda water

PREGNANT & LACTATING WOMEN? Of course! However, like with everything during a pregnancy: with moderation. And when in doubt, consult your doctor/GP. Mocktails will not affect your unborn child or breastfed babies as there are no artificial colours flavours preservatives. No additives Non GMO

DIABETICS? Botanikos simple syrups contains 9.8 g of cane sugar per 15 ml serve. Remember you dilute your syrup shot with mixer, but you still have 9.8 g of sugar in one glass. Diabetics should consider their total sugar intake over the day as one shot is equivalent to 2ts. Most diabetics will have no problems drinking a mocktail or cocktail with our syrups, however, depending on the type of diabetes you have, you might want to consult your doctor/GP first.

PEOPLE WITH OTHER HEALTH ISSUES? Yes, these are all natural syrups made from nature’s pantry. Remembering that like everything in life: “moderation” is best. And again: when in doubt, consult a doctor!

Delicious and simple recipes are included on each syrup label. For additional recipes, please visit our Recipe Database on our website.

From our database of orders so far Lime, Indigo, Rose, Marmalade, Hibiscus & Chocola.

No they are free from alcohol.

Apart from carbohydrates and sugars which provide energy there are no significant levels of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals have been detected during analysis.

Yes the Bergamot simple syrup and Salty Pete are flavoured with various black teas which will contain some caffeine
Ingredients are plant based and simple syrups do not contain animal parts or animal extracts therefore can be considered Kosher however the syrups are not Halal certified which means they are not prepared according to Islamic law.
Yes all syrups are made from plants
The shelf life of syrups is up to 6 months depending on storage. Because our syrups are natural and contain no artificial colours flavours and preservatives there is a fading of lighter colours such as the lavender. The amber bottle will filter sunlight however UV light causes the breakdown degradation of chemicals including colours and flavours, so we provide a best by date which is found on the label and ask customers to store the syrups in the fridge to further slow this process. Our syrups perform at their best up to 12 weeks (3months) . We highly recommend that our simple syrups are kept cool and protected from light for maximum flavour.
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