blackberry mojito

Blackberry Mojito

Mojitos are generally full of rum, lime juice, fresh mint and fruity flavour. You can make this delicious drink ahead of time in a jug and keep it cool in the fridge until your guests arrive.

Blackberries are in season so sweet tart and tasty they work well in many recipes so I could go past them without putting some punnets in my grocery trolley. I love to muddle them with lavender for a fruity floral gin and tonic, but I wanted to try something a little different and rum is my current go-to spirit after a trip to Hawaii.

Our blackberry mint mojito is an amazing backyard end of day drink perfect for relaxing in the warm weather and works perfectly as a mocktail in Feb Fast. How to make Mojitos is start with the best white rum and avoid the flavoured rums that can overpower the fresh mint leaves. Always use fresh ingredients in the peak of their season. Luckily mint grows all year round. This is a cocktail you can build up in a tall glass and add more or less of each ingredient to suit your taste.

A mocktail version of this drink is also delicious but requires slightly more lime juice, simple syrup and soda water. Again, adjust to your taste.


  • 45ml white rum (remove for mocktail)
  • 2 blackberries
  • 1 lime
  • 10ml Lime Simple Syrup
  • ginger ale
  • ice


  1. Cut one lime into half and one half into 4 wedges.
  2. Place a handful of blackberries into a tall glass.
  3. Squeeze half a lime (approx. 10 ml) over the berries.
  4. Lightly crush berries with muddler to release coloured juice.
  5. Note- for a darker the colour muddle berries into a puree.
  6. Add 4-6 large mint leaves and lightly crush leaves to release mint oil.
  7. Place 4 lime wedges into the cocktail.
  8. Pour over rum and simple syrup and mix well with a bar spoon.
  9. Add a scoop of crushed ice and top with ginger ale.
  10. Garnish with mint (option to skewer any remaining blackberries)

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