The Art of Zero Waste

The Grand Plan

Here at Botanikos we make small batch organic plant based syrups. By using natural, local and sustainable ingredients to create our delicious syrups we are on our way towards achieving our grand plan of zero waste.  The problem of single use plastic is well documented so its a no brainer to package our botanical cocktail syrups sustainably. We deliver our delicious syrups the old fashioned way in glass bottles which can be endlessly reused or recycled. Biodegradable cardboard boxes and eco friendly plastic post bags are a must because they be easily composted at home. Is this enough? We think that we can do better. The art of going green is a series of choices so here are our eight responsible actions to produce less waste.

1. No petroleum-based plastic packaging

Are you aware that conventional plastic products take more than a thousand years to degrade They contaminate the environment, choke the waterways and silently poison us. Compare this to natural plastics such as sugar cane bagasse and corn starch which are biodegradable. Turning waste into worm food is a much healthier option than climbing over it. We care more for our environment than making a few extra dollars in profit. The choice is simple. Send our simple syrups in recycled paper and biodegradable plastics. Stop feeding ugly landfills and waste graveyards.  Help us keep our environment clean and free of rubbish.

2. Reduce manufacturing waste

Traditional manufacturing methods bring us closer to nature which reduces the amount of process waste generated from making our syrups. Our left over plant material is composted to produce an organic fertiliser which feed the worms that fertilize the soil which helps our kitchen garden to grow.

3. Purchase sustainable foods

Using organic and seasonal foods in our syrups reduces the use of toxic synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Locally grown foods curb the pollution associated with long-distance transportation. So that is why we buy our ingredients from local farmers markets and produce stores. Go green and gold. Buy Australian made products.

4. Hyperlocal foods

There is nothing better than cooking with fresh local produce. The extra flavour that can be extracted is tangible and worth the effort. Here in our own kitchen garden we grow the rosemary that go into our syrups. We love turning our waste into worm food to feed our garden. Chose local for extra flavour.

5. Reuse and Recycle 

Apart from using local ingredients, we are committed to find other ways to make our syrups more environmentally friendly. From garden to glass and our syrups are as green as we can make them. Healthy plant based syrups go into glass bottles that are wrapped up biodegradable packaging. Sustainable ingredients and materials are the best alternatives for a cleaner environment.

6. Carbon Neutral Shipping

Customers can purchase our syrups from selected retail stores and markets. Even better for the environment is to shop online. You can purchase clean authentic plant based syrups from our Botanikos Syrups Shopify store. This saves time money and lowers your carbon footprint.  Deliveries are 100 % carbon neutral because Sendle plant trees to offset the carbon emissions.

7. Green Cleaning

If you look in our cleaning closet and you will find only eco-friendly cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, soap and tea tree oil to keep our surfaces and local water ways clean.

8. Simple is Best

Botanikos simple syrups are green in all the places that count. From garden to glass you can see how we are going green. The final piece in our grand plan for zero waste is to give away  “Eco dollars” for every bottle returned or refilled. For more information on this program stay tuned.

Shop Sustainably

We all have a mutual interest in keeping our environment green and clean. By implementing all these eco actions we are doing our bit to make exceptional local produce while helping to support local businesses, preserve nature and contribute to a sustainable future. Now its your turn to chose wisely and shop sustainably. Hope to hear from you soon.





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