Citrus slushie

Citrus Slushie

Make better drinks at home!

Build a refreshing citrus slushie sweetened with a citrus syrup. Enjoy the freedom to play around mixing your favourite fruit juices and syrups to suit your taste. Create YOUR perfect fruit slushie.

Frozen drinks are so easy to make! Just add a shot of citrus flavoured syrup to freshly squeezed orange juice. Season with a splash of tart lemon and sour lime or grapefruit juice before blending with ice.

The variations are endless. Enjoy the fresh citrus flavours of lemon, lime, marmalade and bitter orange mixed with your favourite fruit juice. Add a splash rum or tequila and make it a cocktail. Sip guilt free because these frozen drinks are “carbon neutral” and carbon natural.

Citrus Slushie Recipe 


  • 90 ml citrus juice mix (we suggest 60 ml orange, 15 ml lemon and 15 ml lime juice)
  • 30 ml Simple Syrup (we used Lime Simple Syrup known as Sweet and Sour in USA)
  • 1 heaped cup of ice (add more or less ice to change texture)


  1. Juice citrus fruit and mix according to taste (or skip this step and buy a fruit juice)
  2. Add one cup of ice to blender.
  3. Pour over 120 ml liquid into the blender.
  4. Blend on smoothie speed for a light fluffy aerated slushy
  5. Pour into a tall glass of your choosing.
  6. Add straw and garnish.

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