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Custom Espresso Martini

Custom Craft Cocktails
Anyone can make a cocktail but to make a delicious cocktail requires fresh ingredients, quality mixers and a great recipe. Get on the cocktail trend of using fresh ingredients with our Chocola Simple Syrup to create a smooth velvety slightly spicy espresso martini cocktail – This cocktail will blow your friends away and elevate you to an Espresso Queen.

Espresso Queen Recipe


  • 45 ml vodka
  • 30 ml shot of cool espresso coffee
  • 20 ml (tablespoon) Chocola syrup
  • 5ml (teaspoon) vanilla essence optional
  • 3 -6 ice blocks
  • martini or coup glass


  1. Add 3 ice blocks to the glass and 3 ice blocks into cocktail shaker
  2. Pour liquid ingredients into shaker
  3. Shake for 2o seconds enough to form a foam but not to bruise the vodka
  4. Remove ice from glass
  5. Strain mix into a chilled glass
  6. Garnish by floating 3 coffee beans
  7. Sip slowly and enjoy anywhere anytime

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