Cheers to Change

A Big Girls Solution to Change

Are we changing the world or is the world changing us? I am feeling too old for all this drama. Its hard not to be bothered by the personal social and global changes happening to me and around me during this pandemic. Falling into this Daliesque’ world, every action is now fuelled by a morbid fascination of the present and fears for the future.

Unexpected Lies 

Daily frustrations are now more than putting my shirt on backwards or being unable to squeeze the toothpaste out. Long hours at home are getting the better of me. Poor work life balance and self discipline has been my undoing.  I have been drinking more. To say this was unexpected is a lie as I have been here before however my swift weight gain was a little shocking for someone with size 10 tastes.

Lazy or Loose

A pile of loose fitting clothes located on the floor next to my Ugg boots has been strategic in maintaining my emotional wellbeing. No more angst deciding what to wear in the morning.  I embrace the situation and accept being fat but not lazy.  Stretchy T shirts and cardigan expertly drape over my fulsome body because I am unable to step away from the laptop to burn calories. Each day as I laughingly dress for work I thank god for our school’s sports uniform. How I love the purple and gold tracksuit pants which seems to pair well with everything.

Comfortably Numb

Apart from my expanded waistline and mermaid thighs the other tell-tale sign of changed behaviour is enjoying date night with partner Will and mystery man Dan. Now there are three Dan’s in my life, a son, a Victorian Premier who I grudgingly cant ignore and Dan Murphy who has become like a favourite uncle. He welcomes me every Friday with a cheerful smile and a list of specials.

Dan The Man

Dan Murphy is a man who passes the pub test of friendly banter. He offers tasty beverages for us to buy. Perfect for escaping COVID doldrums, statistics and endless conversations about vaccinations. Drinking provides a moment of happy release.

Following Tradition

At the beating heart of our dinky die Australian culture is drinking. It is such a big part of socialising with friends, doing business or humbly winding down at the end of busy day. Stress tension and chronic fatigue are miraculously relieved by slamming down a couple of beers, sipping a chilled white wine or exquisite cocktail. The power to relax firmly grasped in our own hands.

Finding Normal

Our normal tradition of getting together in bars, clubs, restaurants, and pubs to catch up on gossip, talk politics, watch sport, and celebrate friends and families’ successes and anniversaries has been stripped away with COVID lock down. Now drinking happens any time of day, usually in isolation, although I have spotted some cheeky catch ups. Millennials on bikes, masks down with a beer balanced in one hand or family groups walking with an Esky backpack reinventing the pub crawl and cold one to go.

Time for Change

Back to me and my drinking habits. I am no Sigmund Freud but my lack of self-control is probably caused by institutional abuse working long hour on the computer during these lock downs. The more I work the more I drink. Comfort eating and drinking keep me going but I know deep down under my fat roll that this is not the way to good health and suave de vive’.

Say Cheers

We have the Greeks and Romans to thank for fermenting grapes to create refreshing spirits we love to drink. For teaching us how to raise our glasses to the ‘heavens’ and thank the gods for Life’s bounties.  So a toast to all that is good in the world. Time to enjoy restraint.

Cheers prost, salud, skol, slainte, chin chin, good health to you all.

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