Shades of Easter

Easter Traditions

This is the third attempt to write an Easter Blog. When you think of Easter in Melbourne it is all hot cross buns on Good Friday chased down by copious amounts of foiled chocolate eggs Easter Sunday. Days of fast-food consumption followed by more days of slow lounging outside to catch the last rays of warmth and sunshine before winter. Easter for me is enduring patience caring and lots of waiting. Waiting in a conga line for my almond latte pondering the options for a little personal relaxation time over the next few days, because here is the thing, I am stuck at home nursing my fella through a hip operation.

Resurrecting Easter

There are no festivities or plans to travel as he shuffles around with crutches on bloated legs, feeling miserable and grumpy. It does not help matters that he is on a strict NO ALCOHOL diet while on prescription drugs which means we are both suffering. Ok so I am trying to be optimistic as I fetch carry lift and massage all his aches and pains. There are no celebrations or rewards for my efforts to stay by his side and nurse him so I focus on chugging down every chocolate Easter egg in sight whilst cementing our relationship with selfless love rather than selfishly complaining about how my hard-earned holiday break is slipping away.

During afternoon nap time, I open up the bar cabinet and look to drink my way through the long lonely afternoon (think Bridget Jones Diary). Rest assured I am not considering this as an ongoing strategy during his recovery.

Psychedelic cocktail

After looking for the Angostura to mix up a mocktail of lemon lime and bitters I spy the red sombrero hat sitting atop a bottle of left over Tequila and forage around in the liquor cabinet for some extra inspiration. After rejecting the Midori, Kirsh and Tia Maria I come across a snifter of Grand Marnier. Keen to design a Psychedelic cocktail I set myself the challenge of getting it right. Because, in truth, I don’t have enough ingredients to repeat any blunders.

Glass half full

The goal is to have some fun and alleviate my boredom by making one kick ass cocktail. Encouraged by the tequila and yellowing limes left in the fruit bowl I anticipate how all the flavours will combine and my very own bespoke cocktail recipe which gathers in my frontal cortex. As the cocktail shaker busily mixes this sweet, sour salty drink I salivate in anticipation of the cocktail which I have called the Blimey Margarita…blimey because its better than I thought it would be. This is the circuit breaker I needed. You can find both the lime mocktail and cocktail recipes on this website.

Happy Easter

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