Supercharge Your Valentine’s Day

Feel the Love

A special Valentine’s Day conjures up beautiful images of us; bathing in the scent of red roses, laughing coquettishly though a romantic dinner with special someone and drinking. Lots of drinking and waiting to be loved to the dulcet tones of Michael Buble’. Where we intentionally ignore the basic principles of healthy eating.  Sipping expensive champagne, feasting on plump oyster’s, juicy strawberries and spoiling any appetite with melt-on-your-tongue dark chocolate. No this is not a nutritionally balanced meal. As a result of this over consumption of edible elixirs our doped up brains tell us that love is the only possible outcome.

From personal experience it is lust, not love that is so easily enticed out into the open on such occasions. But for many singles it’s either a lonely affair or follow the collective imperative to partner up on Valentines day. Yes, it is a day to find LOVE but there is more than one path to generate happiness and harness the powers of chi. Do you want to supercharge your valentines day glow from inside the inside out? Read on.

Let me share a secret

Have you ever thought about why roses and chocolate are given together on Valentine’s day?  The short answer is that they are actual aphrodisiacs.  I would prefer to spend Valentines day with a little less commercialism and a little more class. Let me share with you how I would cultivate good chi without huge cost or suitable paramour. Feel-the-love-with a new Valentines-day drink based on the pure natural flavor of rose petals. No elaborate props or cliched lines required. Do yourself a favor and create harmonious good quality relationships, invest in vibrant health and achieve an overall sense of well-being by making small changes in your life such as choosing organic all-natural healthy products. Authentically made with Love and Care.

Be your own Valentine

Start by taking a romantic walk to the fridge. Get yourself something nice. Love yourself the way you deserve. Make yourself a Love drunk cocktail. Feel your energy levels rise. It’s simple really, roses and chocolates are nice, but roses and gin are better. Supercharge this valentine’s day with our Love Drunk cocktail made with our all natural “Rose Simple Syrup” Make sure to check out the recipe. If you are a couple do consume this enchanting cocktail with strawberries and chocolate after a light touch massage and bath. Absolute Heaven. If you are single folk enjoy Valentine’s day gracefully, happily and mindfully, one sip at a time.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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