Happy Sustainable Christmas

Silly Season

So Christmas is almost here and I am not ready yet. Its the silly season and I need more sleep, a shoulder massage plus a chauffer so I can work and drink between jobs without messing up my clothes or the car seat. In my dreams right!

I try to enjoy everyday but its not always easy. There are too many extra things to do once the festive season arrives in early November! Cards to write and post, gifts to buy and wrap.  Thats the easy part. Then there is the Christmas lunch menu to plan, prepare and shop for. Logistics is the biggest challenge. Lawns to mow, glamping tent to set up, house to clean, fresh sheets for the beds; the list goes on and on.. Christmas Logistics is my biggest challenge and trying to deligate not always easy.

After the fridge has been cleaned out the real work begins. During this unpleasant process I am annoyed with myself when I see half empty jars, out of date dairy, left over meals and fruit and vegetables I have forgotton to use. But its a crazy rush to Christmas day so no time to think, I bin them to make way for the festive treats.

Shop Local

Tis the season to save time and money by shopping local which is far more eco friendly. One better why not wrap the gift of LOVE in some cheap cheerful cheeky christmas packaging. Listed below are 10 ways to save money, entertain the kids at home, recycle some of the old cards ribbon paper and string clogging up the draws and create a genuinly fun christmas vibe.

Here are our top 10 sustainable Christmas ideas:

  1. Use recycled or eco-friendly wrapping paper: Opt for wrapping paper made from recycled materials or choose reusable alternatives like fabric wraps, newspaper, or brown paper. Avoid using wrapping paper with glitter or foil, as they cannot be recycled. I love using brown kraft paper as wraps. Coloured ribbon, strips of christmas paper make handcrafted gift tags “pop”
  2. Decorate with natural materials: Use pinecones, branches, dried flowers, and other natural elements for your Christmas decorations instead of buying plastic or disposable ones. Check out some of my Eco Frieendly Christmas 2023 videos.
  3. Make homemade gifts: Consider making homemade gifts instead of buying new ones. You can make cookies, candles, bath salts or personalized crafts.
  4. Give experiences: Instead of giving physical gifts, consider gifting experiences like concert tickets, spa vouchers, or a cooking class. This reduces waste and creates lasting memories. And yes I am looking forward to my anual Peninsula Hot Springs Voucher and We Teach Me class.
  5. Choose sustainable Christmas trees: If you prefer a real Christmas tree, opt for a locally grown, organic tree or consider renting one. Alternatively, you can use a potted tree that can be planted after the holidays. The universe has decided that this year we are going to set up our minimalist IKEA tree. Quick easy with no mess makes me very happy!
  6. Energy-efficient lighting: Use LED lights for your Christmas decorations, as they consume less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent lights.
  7. Shop locally and support small businesses: Buy your Christmas gifts from local artisans and small businesses. This reduces carbon emissions from shipping and supports the local economy. Weekend markets are wonderful places to find unique gifts. Spread your shopping over the year. This makes Christmas easier because you can avoid the terrible traffic, car park frustration and surprise your loved ones with thoughful presents.
  8. Reduce food waste: Plan your meals carefully to avoid excessive food waste. Use leftovers creatively and compost food scraps.
  9. Give sustainable stocking stuffers: Choose eco-friendly and sustainable stocking stuffers like reusable water bottles, bamboo brushes, cute tote bags, organic skincare products or botanically infused drink mixers!
  10. Practice mindful consumption: Upcycle Recycle Reuse Before buying new items, consider if you really need them and if they are produced sustainably. Opt for quality over quantity

Merry Christmas

So there you have it. A Christmas list worthy of Santa’s attention. Remember, being sustainable is a just a mindset. So get ready to have your best Christmas with loved ones. Down with mass produced Christmas presents that break after the box has been opened and fill the rubbish bin with excess packaging waste. Up with quality handcrafted gifts which keep the economy humming and reduces waste. More love and less mess I say!!

Time to reclaim some restful nights and enjoy a full nights sleep after the craziness of Christmas is over.

Have a Very Merry Christmas

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