Honeybush Superstar

I enjoy collaborating with local distillers and producers to mix up bespoke versions of classic drinks. Tooday its our own take on the popular Bees Knees which is a sweet zesty easy drinking cocktail. Normally made with a honey syrup we have replaced honey with honeybush herbal tea blend and chocola simple syrup which when combined delivers the characteristic honey notes with pops of floral, fruity and spicy to round out the drink.

Infusing herbal tea into dry gin gin is a fabulous way to deliver more subtle honey flavours with refreshing notes of jasmine papaya and herbacious honey. Tea time has never tasted better. 



  1. Add tea leaves to the gin and steep for 10 min
  2. Use a tea strainer to separate leaves from liquid
  3. Add ice flavoured gin, lemon juice, chocola syrup and soda to a cocktail shaker
  4. Add drops of wonder foam and shake vigourously for 30 seconds
  5. Pour frothy cocktail into a lowball glass or china tea cup for a special occassion

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