Indi Bleu Berry Soda

The act of mixing drinks is normally associated with bartenders however children also love to mix their own drinks with harmless ingredients like fruit juices, soda and syrups.

Watching my grandkids Eszter and George experiment with natural ingredients and flavours was fascinating because with very little knowledge of actual drink mixing their creations tasted surprisingly drinkable all things considered.

Eszters soda was predictably Barbie pink while George’s drink was an indigo blue fruit concoction that tasted sweeter than I would prefer but improved noticeably once the ice and lemon were added.

Interestingly, George thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore mixing different fruit flavours with soda then change the colour of his drink with Indi Bleu syrup followed by a squeeze of lemon juice.

When children are given the opportunity to pour and mix their own drinks, we encourage them to think, learn new skills and experiment with flavour.

A word of advice! Make sure to provide a tall glass for the kids to mix in as they will no doubt fill a regular glass tumbler to the brim which then becomes more challenging to stir or pick up and drink without spilling the contents.



  1. Add ice to a tumbler followed by Indi Bleu syrup
  2. Add lemon juice to change the colour and adjust the sweetness.
  3. Stir to mix with a long-handled spoon.
  4. Sprinkle blueberries over the drink
  5. Garnish glass with lemon
  6. Check out our video to mix an Indi Bleu Berry Soda

Join the kids and mix yourself a colourful berry delicious drink


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