Irish Coffee

Break out the good stuff you are about to drink strong coffee cut with good Irish whisky and sweetened with Bergamot simple syrup to highlight the citrus notes in the coffee liquor. Described as a whisky milkshake this creamy layered cocktail is best served up in a glass mug with a handle.

This drink is exactly right for a slow afternoon session. There is nothing more appealing on a wintery day that sipping a triple shot of espresso laced with whisky, a splash of coffee liquor and sweetened with bergamot simple syrup. Topped with a soft cloud of whipped cream seals the deal.

Be prepared for a boozy bitter coffee under sweetened and sipped through a creamy layer to create a velvety smooth cocktail which should look like a perfectly poured Guinness.

Notes: Lilly Fields coffee liquor delivers notes of butterscotch, chocolate, bergamot citrus plus a hit of arabica beans to elevate the coffee flavour.  Sweeten the cocktail with Bergamot simple syrup to taste by starting with a 5 ml teaspoon then adding extra 1-3 tsp until you achieve the desired level of sweetness. To achieve the perfect layer of cream whip heavy cream until it has thickened but not stiff and spoon the soft cream over the coffee gently, so it floats on top merging slowly into the coffee as you drink.



  1. Pour liquid ingredients into a glass mug and stir to combine.
  2. Garnish with whipped cream and grated nutmeg or chocolate flakes


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