Craft Cocktail Adventure

Adventure is the thrill of doing something out of the ordinary. The rush of adrenaline, the distraction we need to reduce the monotony of our daily routine life. To take a short walk under tall trees, get temporally lost in a novel or taste a new wine can all feel like an adventure. But the most understood idea of adventure is related to knowing the unknown. It gives a person hopes to look at something new and exciting.

Adventure can be engaging in a new activity such as rock climbing up the face of Mt Arapiles or scuba diving around the Rye pier at the time of a full moon in June when Giant Spider Crabs gather in the shallow waters of Port Phillip Bay.

My childhood adventures began as road trips with a Franklin caravan in tow. Mapped out journeys with a school holiday expiry date. Unlike the Leyland Brothers TV show in the 1970’s our family adventures were strictly on road. From Melbourne across the vast nullarbor plains to Perth, along the Princess highway up north to Queensland’s Herron Island, my parents gave me an appetite for adventure. I can still taste the chocolate bananas from the Big Banana at Coffs harbour and feel the wonderment of snorkelling on the great barrier reef.

At a time when taking an international trip was easy my adult world was cracked open hiking the Himalayas to Base Camp, walking solo along the Camino Francis in Spain, riding elephants and caving in Thailand. My ordinary life has been punctuated with magnificent moments. From watching majestic glaciers advance and slip into the Glacier Bay Alaska in real time, bobbing around the North Pacific Ocean in a small rubber boat whale watching  to crocodile hunting in Cairns. Getting up close and personal with these prehistoric creatures had my heart racing, Crickey!

I thought the mother of all adventures was living and working in another country and travelling around Europe in a camper van. A gold standard adventure for sure. But THE most challenging feat I have ever engaged with came from a desire to dream big and start a business.

With nowhere to go, time to focus on my passion for gin and a need to create something positive in a time of lockdowns and confusion is where my best adventure began.  The last 18 months have been the most exciting, tiring, scary and ultimately satisfying sequence of experiences I could ever have dreamed up.

When schedules and work become too hectic or you feel like a prisoner in your own home the spirit of adventure can unfold in the most unexpected places. Because adventure in its most purest sense brings the joy of doing something new, learning how to crochet soap saver bags, bake bread or mix up a batch of cocktails are the little things which give us pleasure and can keep us sane during the global pandemic. So its time to begin your next adventure! Learn how to make craft cocktails in the comfort of your own home with Botanikos syrups.

You don’t need a fabulous bar to serve up delicious cocktails just tasty ingredients and a little bit of know how. Time to say goodbye to the 2 hour cocktail masterclass, getting dressed up (unless you want to) or needing to book a taxi. The beauty of using our simple syrups as a cocktail mixer is that you can do it your way, at any time and any day of the week that suits you.

No fuss no huge costs. Follow the simple instructions then rinse and repeat over and over again. The magic is in the mixers.

Ok so you will have almost everything you need at home to make the perfect cocktail, spoons, ice lemons glasses, all we need to provide you is our delicious simple syrup cocktail mixers and some classic recipes to get you started. Easy done!

Everything you need to know about cocktails and flavours will be right here waiting for you when you buy our syrups. We demystify the art of mixology for you because WE want to empower you to make YOUR perfect mixed drink at home. Needless to say we want you to spend less time mixing the drink and more time enjoying it.

So, are you ready to become a cocktail queen and master the art of making craft cocktails?



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