Natures Medicine

Natures Medicine

Christmas Surprises

It will be no surprise that Health is a trending topic up there with Fashion Fitness and Food. After two years of social distancing and working from home, the isolation and disconnection has taken its toll on everyone in some way. Happy was the day when our freedom to come together was restored for Christmas, but it came with a price tag- RAT tests, catching COVID and self-isolation.

Highs and Lows

Precious Christmas holiday plans for relaxing beach walks and riding the family jet ski this week have been derailed as the RAT test confirms what my aching joints and raspy throat are telling me- I am positive. There is no point asking how or why this has happened as I join the growing numbers of 51,000 COVID cases in Victoria. Sadly, months of lockdown and personal sacrifice over the last few years was for naught.  Now its time to battle the virus and develop some overdue natural immunity. Feeling unwell means my body’s immune system is doing its job working hard to protect me. Catching COVID produces necessary antibodies, from a process, which is part of the natural cycle of Health and Disease.

Happy and Healthy

Happiness is natures medicine. So let me ask the question- How are you feeling today?  A useful question used regularly to monitor my students’ wellbeing during that long stretch of remote learning in 2021. From experience on a scale of 1-10 there is always going to be someone who is a 10 and someone else who is a 1 but most responses (including mine) would generally fall within the range of 4 to 6. You may think the average response of 5 is ok but feeling good it better? That’s enough with the numbers. Aside from our physical heath, emotional health and wellbeing are considered the crown jewel in a long and happy life.

From Good to Happy

Psychologists’ will tell you that emotions and feelings are transitory they come and go. Most people like to feel good and January a great time to reset goals and start fresh. Achieving our goals makes us feel good which makes us feel happy. The word GOOD itself seems somewhat bland and non-descript without some context. Like it felt good to clean up my computer desktop, but it didn’t really make me feel happy. Nor did losing a day and night to binge watch the Netflix series Evil (chosen by my partner), when bad weather kept us inside. However, it was good to see how much fun my grandkids had when we inflated a giant water slide in the backyard over Christmas and their screams of delight made me happy. So one feeling can lead to the other.

A Recipe for Happiness

Positive emotions are not simply feeling happy. We all chase momentary pleasures through deliberate actions like shopping for shoes or eating a second bowl of ice cream even though we don’t need them. It is the effect of doing something personally pleasurable that has a positive effect on us. For me this would be like going for a long walk in nature, finding a quiet place to read a good book or making myself a gin cocktail.

The Benefits of Happiness

Most people know what makes them feel good. Experiencing emotions like excitement joy and inspiration are vital for anyone who wants to lead a happy heathy life. Looking at holiday photos always makes me feel grateful, so I do it regularly. Going to the Princess Theatre to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was joyful while viewing the Van Gogh exhibition at The Lume was inspirational. Although I am sick I feel blessed and happy at the same time.

We are all capable of experiencing such positive emotions as happiness joy love gratitude hope pride inspiration amusement and awe. These often-fleeting moments can be the ones that make all the hard work and struggle in life worth it. Luckily you don’t need to experience them all at the same time to reap the benefits of this natural medicine.

Cocktail Pleasure

Cocktails are synonymous with positive emotions of fun excitement pleasure and possibly love. Prepare to unlock your pleasure centre with our carefully crafted simple syrups and hit your amygdala with bold botanical flavours!!

Cut through the noise and work from our catalogue of recipes.  You will find popular cocktails and newly imagined cocktails created by talented local mixologists who love working with our syrups. At the end of the day the winner is YOU because not only will our syrups enhance the flavour in your glass. We can help you build amazing cocktails at home to foster your cocktail intelligence

Simple syrups are a core ingredient of all the tasty cocktails and our naturally flavoured syrups can be used in 1000 different ways to bring you VARIETY like no other mixer to make cocktails you will LOVE because they taste REAL.

To quote Michael Bublé “it’s a new dawn it’s a new day it’s a new life for me and I am feeling good”

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