Pretty in Pink

A Pink Portal

A rush of nostalgia washes over me at the mere mention of Barbie dolls. Those iconic female dolls that unbeknown to us a children, represented an era of dreams and possibilities. Barbie dolls were more than just plastic toys; they were portals to a world of imagination.

Beyond the Doll

As a child, I played with many dolls. Big ones that walked, small ones that peed their pants, brunettes and blonde ones. They were all treasured and enjoyed. I loved to brush their hair, change their clothes, and talk to them. I could immerse myself for hours in a make believe universe, creating narratives and crafting captivating adventures for me and my favorite dolls to go on.

The Barbie Story

My Barbie was purchsed as an elegant air hostess. She was slender with short cropped hair of the 60’s. Her skin was porcelein smooth. Barbie possessed a winning smile, glamorous style, and projected verve.  WE spent many happy hours changing clothes and talking about people. Whether she was in her fashion-forward fur trimmed coat or in her capri pants, she aways looked perfect on our adventures.

From Classic to Contemporary

Barbies were not merely about looks and fashion; they embodied the spirit of a changing society questioning the roles of women in society. Barbie apparently help shatter the glass ceiling of limited expectations, encouraging little girls to believe that we could be anything we aspired to be – from a sassy entrepreneur to an brave astronaut. Barbie was the silent teacher who taught us to challenge societal norms and embrace our individuality. She was in our hands to remind us that our dreams should never be compromised. Wow, thanks Greta Gerwig for explaining this in the movie. Perhaps hyperbole but definately entertaining!

Pink and Proud

Barbie dolls have always evolved to suit the consumer market which was made plainly clear in the move. Their hairstyles, outfits, and accessories are a testament to contemporary style and diversity of our ever-changing world. Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken) were beautifully cast and did a fabulous job of delivering important messages which I am calling the power of pink; inclusivity, compassion, friendship, and empathy!

Pink Perfection

I think if my Barbie was able to mix her own drink it would be a sweet, floral and decidedly pink! In the movie Barbie would have the cocktail premixed.  But in my world she would enjoy shaking up a craft cocktail (probably with gin) and most certainly sip her drink from a martini glass in her fashinable heels. Common Barbie lets go party!

Pretty in Pink Mocktini (for the adults)

Pretty in Pink Mocktini (for the kids) because they have a sweeter palette

  • 10ml Strawberry Shrub
  • 15ml Rose Garden Simple Syrup
  • 75 ml Pink Lemonade
The Pink Legacy

So, here’s to all the Barbie dolls past prsent and future.  I will forever treasure the moments we shared and raise my glass of pink to the enduring allure of Barbie.

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