Hand-Made in Melbourne

100% Organic Ingredients

Gluten-Free, No Preservatives

Dragon Fruit Simple Syrup


Discover the magic of our Dragon Fruit Simple Syrup, and let your taste buds revel in the delights of nature’s own creativity.

Introducing our Dragon Fruit Syrup

Let us take you on a journey of flavour with Botanikos’ Dragon Fruit Simple Syrup. This eye-catching syrup is a visual delight, boasting a vibrant colour and unique black pips, making it a striking addition to any beverage or dessert. With its silky texture, it seamlessly blends into a variety of recipes. Whether it’s enhancing cocktails, enriching mocktails, adding zest to smoothies, or complementing savoury dishes, this syrup stands out for its versatility.

Crafted to captivate your palate, the syrup melds a refreshingly sweet taste with a subtle tang, reminiscent of exotic tropical fruits like melon and kiwi. Its naturally balanced sweetness is designed to enrich flavours without overpowering them. The slight tanginess, intertwined with delicate floral notes, adds a unique depth and character, offering a distinct taste experience with every sip.


More than just an ingredient

Botanikos’ Dragon Fruit Simple Syrup is more than just an ingredient; it’s an invitation to a world of flavour exploration, an opportunity to dive into and celebrate the diverse tastes and aromas nature offers. This syrup is a key to unlocking a new realm of culinary creativity, perfect for those who love to experiment with their food and drinks.

Whether you are a mixologist crafting a refreshing summer cocktail or a chef adding a twist to a classic dessert, Botanikos’ syrup is your gateway to new culinary adventures. It promises to elevate your creations, infusing them with a fusion of nature’s bounty and the art of artisanal crafting. Each use is an experience, a celebration of natural flavors, creativity, and the joy of discovery.

Join the journey of taste discovery with Botanikos. Each bottle of Dragon Fruit Simple Syrup is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Embrace the fusion of natural flavours and artisanal craftsmanship with every pour, stir, and shake. Botanikos is here to transform your culinary experiences, making every meal and every drink an adventure in itself.


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