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Flower Power Collection


Because the only thing better than flowers in a vase is a floral cocktail in your hand.

Combine gin or vodka with our Lavender, Rose, and Hibiscus Simple Syrups for a refreshing floral cocktail that stimulates pleasure centers in the brain that reminds you of bathing in rose petals or strolling through a lavender field.

Experience a garden in your next cocktail glass.

Our Flower Power Collection features:

Lavender Simple Syrup

This cocktail syrup features the floral tenderness of lavender with a warm vanilla undertone. Combine this elegant flavor profile with bubbles for a delicately floral beverage at any time of the day.

Quantity: 270ml

Rose Simple Syrup

Our Rose Simple Syrup is made with fresh rose petals that let you bring a little more romance to your next cocktail. Rose Simple Syrup starts as a sweet bouquet of roses with deep shades of pink and becomes the perfect ingredient to add some sweetness and love to any drink!

It makes a perfect union with pink gin or prosecco.

Quantity: 270ml

Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Hibiscus tastes like summer with its fruity, sweet, sour notes and a tartness similar to cranberries. To round off the tart, we have blended hibiscus flowers with raspberries, strawberries and elderberries for a natural sweet and sour syrup that everyone can enjoy.

This berry red syrup contains a fruity punch and pairs well with vodka, rum and tequila. Hibiscus Simple Syrup is sure to be an instant hit.

Quantity:  270ml

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