Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss

Thinking about high teas and tasty delicacies inspired me to create this cocktail for my birthday party. Mixing my favourite flavour rosemary with lavender and gin botanicals I was able to layer the aromatic notes from bottom to top.  Adding a delicate foam and decorating with drops aromatic bitters is definately the icing on the proverbial cocktail cake. I am absolutely in love with this blend of garden fresh botanicals and am ready to dress up in heels to drink this blissful beauty. An elegant drink without an expensive price tag is the perfect cocktail to be served up at any high tea.




  1. add ice to a cocktail shaker
  2. measure all liquid ingredients into shaker
  3. shake until outside of the shaker is frosty
  4. Check the foam and shake for another 10 seconds
  5. Pour into a chilled coup glass
  6. Add 3 more drops of bitters to the foam to decorate


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