Spiced Hot Toddy

A great hot toddy is one to sip on slowly. It will help ease a sore throat get you through the cold weather and flu season. Whether you’re sick in bed or fresh off the slopes, our spiced hot toddy warms everything up. The classic formula of whiskey, sugar and hot water is like the steamy cousin of an old-fashioned, but these days, other ingredients such as citrus juice, simple syrups and various spices innovates this classic.
  • 30 ml shot of Bourbon or Scotch Whiskey
  • 20 ml Chocola simple syrup
  • 10 ml fresh lemon juice or lemon slice
  • 60 ml boiling hot water
Pour boiling water, whiskey, and Chocola simple syrup into a mug. Add lemon slice. Let mixture stand for 5 minutes so flavours can mingle. To garnish you can sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg, add a cinnamon stick, float star anise or add cloves through the lemon slice.
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