Spooky Halloween Drinks

Halloween Creep

Halloween has been creeping into the Australian culture for a decade and there are plenty of people who just love getting into theme by decorarting their homoes, slipping into a scary costume and mixing spooky Halloween drinks.  Now I dont normally go out of my way to Halloween nor do I like horror movies but now that my youngest daughters is back home its full on spooksville.

Halloween Horror Movies

For some reason there are people who like to scare themselves with characters like Chuckie or macabe clowns. I aknowledge that there has some serious great cinematic tributes to Halloween and Horror. Micheal Keaton as the undead, wheeler and dealer Beetlejuice, Angelica Huston as the reserved beauty with a ghostly glow and warped sense of pleasure and pain, or Jack Nicholson as a man driven mad by writer’s block, and, you know, some ghosts. My personal favourite because its not too scary are ghost movies. My favourite is the Sixth Sense, which is more a supernatural thriller which is well within my wheelhouse. Who wouldn’t love to see ghosts? Actually I have, but thats another story for another time!

Neighbourhood Trick or Treat

Holloween is not just for for horror aficionados. In my neighbourhood there is a registered database of addresses where children can get dressed up and go trick or treating in safety. Love this idea of keeping it spooky and scary for the kids rather than truly horrific! We’re not going to suggest you go to the trouble of mixing a delicious cocktail only to throw it over yourself in reaction to some gruesome scene. Ahead, are some classic spooky films and the cocktails and snacks to go with them. Halloween is, after all, about “candy” more than the spooky halloween drinks.

Spooky Halloween Drink Ideas

Looking for some easy and spooktacular drink ideas to sip on this Halloween? Look no further! Here are some fang-tastic Halloween drinks that are as simple as they are delicious.

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