Thanks Dad

Father’s Day Memories

Father’s Day falls the first Sunday of September. This year is the first time in my life I don’t have a father to buy a card for or a dad to spend time with. It makes me smile to remember how easy it was to shop for him. How I would visit dad bearing gifts to satisfy his sweet tooth. His favourite Father’s Day treats were caramel fudge, liquorice all sorts and Toblerone chocolate. Over a coffee and a packet of biscuits we would chat about the people in our lives and fill the empty spaces with stories of good times. Together we would pour over the family photo albums and share happy memories. He always loved being home with family and enjoyed sharing stories and recalling life experiences with his children.

Forget the Hollywood stories and urban myths about dads. What makes a great dad is found in how he makes you feel. It’s the look of love in his eyes when he speaks to you the big bear hugs only he can give. Knowing that he is proud of you.

Growing up with my dad wasn’t always easy but when the sun went down, and dinner was done the family would settle into the lounge together. Mum in her recliner chair and dad next to her on the couch. The rest of us had our own spaces to nestle into for watching TV and winding down together. It was the ordinary and these seemingly inauspicious moments that I feel my dad the strongest and deeply inside. I will always remember our family bonding fondly. This simple story is to honour my father and write the words I find gathering on my lips onto a page for the last time.

Thanks dad

For tucking me under a warm blanket when I fell asleep and carrying me to bed

For giving me horse rides on your back down the corridor on your hands and knees

For showing me how to tie my shoelaces, ride a bike, body surf, and drive a car

For listening to me patiently when I complained about the unfairness of life

For making sure that I was educated healthy and strong

For encouraging me to be strong and believe in myself

For helping me out expecting nothing in return

For making me feel better by just being there

For never giving up on me

For your long goodbyes

For loving me as I am

For being a good dad

All my love


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