Time To Sparkle

Time to Sparkle

Doing the right thing

We were told to “do the right thing” so we did. It was painful for some soul destroying for others. No matter who you were there was no avoiding the pandemic lock down in Melbourne 2020.

Losing our freedoms was hard so we self-medicated with recreational trips to the local supermarket for food and booze. Our long-standing love affair with Bunnings and Dan Murphy’s intensified and we we click and collected our way through hardship and trouble by indulging in online shopping like never before.

Keeping Us Together

We relied on Zoom or Skype to made real time connections. Our smart phones became our lifeline as we sent our loved one’s virtual hugs and kisses. We were plugged into technology and I doubt we could have kept our sanity without You Tube, Netflix and Facebook. Like Pavlov’s dog we salivated waiting for our daily fix of Premier Daniel Andrews hoping for good news and a release date for our good behaviour.  We bunkered down We adapted We endured and our patience paid off!

Shared Happiness

Happy was the moment when stage four restrictions were lifted. 5 million plus people in Melbourne collectively breathed a sigh of relief. The clink of glasses could be heard across the suburbs that day. We all hit the reset button inside our heads. Families gleefully packed their empty eskies filled up petrol tanks and reunited. Parks filled with the sound of sizzling sausages and shared happiness. Australians were doing what we do best – coming together.

Finally, after 6 long months we ended a bleak chapter of house arrest and gratefully accepted restricted access to essential services such as Hair and Beauty. Modest excursions for brunch or dinner thrilled us. Day trips to the coast or country rekindled our spirits. Once again, we were living in the lucky country.

Best Tasting Cocktails

So its time to dream new dreams, plan our local escapes, discover new treasures and enjoy everything great about living in Australia- incredible public spaces, sunshine and fantastic local produce. Here at Botanikos we have been working hard to ensure you have the best tasting cocktails for your next night “in or out”. It’s time to shake off COVID and Celebrate. From our kitchen to your glass these gourmet syrups are like gems waiting to be discovered by you. We like to think of our all-natural syrups as an accessible indulgence. Why not add rosemary simple syrup to you next Gin &Tonic. Your next cheap getaway in a glass.

Cheers Karen

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