Wine Cocktail

Wine cocktails are a wonderful way to elevate the flavours of wine and create unique an refreshing beverages. By combining wine with other spirits liqueurs fruits or herbs you can create a wide array of delicious and visually appealing cocktails. Wine cocktails offer the perfect balance between rich and complex flaovurs of wine and the creativity and versatility of mixology. Whether you prefer red, white or sparkling wine there is a wine cocktail to suit every palate and occassion.

From sangrias to spritzers next time you have a bottle of wine in your hands or considering what to do with consider trying this basic recipe. Today I am mixing with some left over mulled wine tomorrow it may the rose in the fridge. I love experimenting with flavours. Happy Days!


  • 60ml wine (mulled red wine)
  • 30ml brandy (St Agnes)
  • 15ml orange liqueur (Cointreua)
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 7ml Chocola Simple Syrup
  • 1 orange (for peel and slices)
  • cinnamon stick (optional)
  • soda (optional)
  • ice


  1. Add ice to a coocktail shaker
  2. Combine mulled wine brandy orange liquer fresh lemon juice and syrup
  3. Shake for 15-20 seconds to mix and chill
  4. Strain into a cocktail glass filled with fresh ice
  5. Add slices of orange
  6. Top with a splash of soda if you want to extend the drink
  7. Garnish cocktail with a twist of orange

Dont forget you can adjust this recipe based on your personal preferences. If you prefer a sweeter cocktail add more simple syrup. If you like it stronger you can add mor brandy or swap this for spiced rum. Feel free to be creative and experiment with different garnishes or spices to enhance the overall experience.

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