Blue Lavender

Blue Lavender

Blue Lavender

You will smell it before you even see it. That unmistakable aroma that fills your nose and seeps into your senses. Instantly mellowing into a smooth and soothing scent. You open the lid and breathe in deeply inhaling and exhaling this floral cloud and as you do something washes over you. You feel your body begin to release its pent-up tension your breath becomes deeper, deliberate, calm. Inexplicably those deep lines in your furrowed brow one by one unfurl as you slowly gently relax.

Lavender is a much-loved scent derived from the evergreen Lavender bush (Lavandula angustifolia). This unmistakable aromatic herb belongs to the mint family. From soft lilac to intense purple flowers Lavender is known for its beauty, Its soft purple buds clustered around a tall sprig symbolize grace, calmness and even luxury. Its sweet floral fragrance a heady embrace.

Famous Lavender Fields

Across the world Lavender is worshiped for its elegant, regal look and calming fragrance. Words like restful and calming best describe the effect of lavender on ones well being. This is why Lavender is one of our most beloved scents. Often associated with the famous purple fields of Provence, Lavandula angustifolia, also called English Lavender is not native to England nor France but to the Mediterranean. We are lucky enough to have the prefect growing conditions in the southern states of Australia. From mid-spring into summer the Lavender fields around Victoria burst into colour and the air smells sweet with anticipation.

Stimulate your Senses

Micro clouds of perfume permeate the air when picking the purple buds under the morning sun. Wicker baskets spill over with this precious purple cargo onto the kitchen bench and so begins the transformation of lavender buds into a lavender simple syrup. Steeping the fresh or dried flower heads to extract lavenders aromatic compounds makes me feel sentimental as one whiff of lavender takes me back to my childhood. Memories of holidays with my Nana sleeping on lavender pillows, lavender scented hankies and homemade jams fresh from the garden come flooding back.

Breathing in Calm

As the day becomes brighter and steeping is complete, cane sugar is added. The air becomes even thicker with lavender scent. You savour it with every fibre of your body.

Watching the syrup gently bubbling away on the cook top is magical and the smell is intoxicating. Purple flowers release their lavendulan to make a beautiful rich blue floral syrup. Amber bottles are lined up to be  filled with hot sweet syrup. These glass bottles are tasked with the important job of protecting the precious syrup colour and locking in the flavour.

Lavender is well know for its versatility in sweet and savoury dishes. It’s unique floral and sweet notes goes particularly well with berries pears, lemon, orange, honey, sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, black pepper, and chocolate.

Small bottle Big impact

Lavender simple syrup has a strong flavour if it’s organically grown, freshly made and properly processed and stored. Our Lavender syrup is sweet floral, herbal, and evergreen woodsy all at the same time. A little blue lavender syrup goes a long way. You know you’ve used the perfect amount when you can just barely detect the floral notes.

Making cocktails with blue lavender is as fun as it is delicious – when it’s used correctly. You will find that lavender highlights the richness of a berry bramble, compliments herbaceous and peppery spirits, adds some intrigue and depth to classic cocktails.

Follow your bliss and choose from our lavender cocktail recipes. Feeling like a sophisticated elegant drink? Try our version of the classic aviation cocktail using lavender- its delicious !!

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