Classic Bellini

Daddy’s not home and mummy is drinking Bellini’s

When it comes to morning cocktails few that can compare to the Mimosa and Bellini which are both fruit flavoured champagne cocktails

Bellini’s are so sweet but not in a sugary way. Whether its peach or strawberry puree the fruit flavour is natural just like the botanical simple syrup. Look no further than this delicious fruit syrup to create a wonderfully refreshing champagne cocktail or sparkling wine mocktail for mummies with baby bumps.

If you are mixing with a non alcoholic sparkling wine we suggest replacing the Lavender simple syrup with a Strawberry shrub which is a tangy less sweet mixer. Shrubs are better to mix with the sweeter non alcoholic sparkling wines.

Seasonal stawberries are plump and delicious so pop open a bottle of champagne and mix a Stawberry Bellini’s, the perfect cocktail to drink on Christmas morning and throughout the Festive season!

Strawberry Bellini Recipe (serves 6)


  • 1 cup fresh strawberries hulled and sliced
  • 45 ml Lavender Simple Syrup or Strawberry Shrub
  • 15ml  lemon juice (if using the simple syrup)
  • 750ml Bottle of Sparkling wine (alcoholic or non alcoholic)
  • Mint
  1. Blend strawberries, simple syrup and lemon juice to make a fruit syrup
  2. Strain the puree thorugh a fine mesh seive to remove the seeds
  3. Pour about 2 TBS of the strawberry puree into each chanpagne glass
  4. Slowly pour chilled Sparkling wine into each champagne flute filling it up
  5. Gently stir the mixture with a bar spoon to combine the flavours
  6. Garnish each glass with some mint

Beach Bellini Recipe



  1. Pour compote into a champagne flute
  2. Add a splash of syrup or shrub
  3. Top with cidar
  4. Enjoy the fruity bubbles with your sunset


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