Elderberry Elixir

Achieving Good Health

With the winter months well and truly upon us, we here at Botanikos think it’s so important to help you to take care of both your mental and physical wellbeing. It can be as simple as running a warm bath, going on a walk (rugged up of course), listening to your favourite podcast or Spotify playlist, or eating foods that nourish your body. Better yet? A delicious syrup to boost your immune system and help prevent (or fight off) the nasty winter flu. 

Now if you know Botanikos, you know we love all things natural, free from preservatives and artificial colours, and of course – easy to make!  That’s why when we came across the potent elderberry immunity syrup, we just knew we had to make it. The best part is, it can be used for the whole family – even the kids will love its sweet flavour. 

Immune Boosting Infusion

So why elderberries? The small, purple berries have been used traditionally for years [1] and are known for their many health benefits, including; antioxidant [2, 3], anti-viral [4, 5, 6], and immune modulating effects [7]. Elderberries are commonly used in modern herbal medicine for relieving the symptoms related to cold and flu, including; fever, aches, pains, cough, and congestion [8, 9]. 

The ingredients are simple, the recipe is so easy to make, and it is the perfect activity to do at home with the little ones who will love helping mix up their own medicines. 

Elixir Ingredients

  • 1 cup of dried elderberries (We buy our elderberries from Mudbrick – a family-run Australian herb cottage whose values align so beautifully with ours. Check them out here).
  • 1 cup of water (can add more if needed).
  • Good quality honey

Elixir Recipe:

  1. Gently heat the water and elderberries on low-medium heat, macerating with a potato masher until the berries soften
  2. Simmer with the lid on for 20 minutes
  3. Let the mixture cool, before straining through a muslin cheesecloth
  4. Measure the liquid and add equal parts of honey (or less if you’d prefer it be not as sweet. Please note that elderberries are quite bitter, so the honey balances that out)
  5. Bottle elderberry syrup in a clean, recycled Botanikos syrup bottle and keep refrigerated

If you’re a visual learner watch our reel here

Powerful Goodness

Voila! You now have your very own elderberry immunity syrup – it’s as easy as that! Our dosage suggestions are below, however to start creating some healthy routines, you could even consider taking a shot of this yummy syrup each morning to start your day right. Try adding some of our Chocola Syrup to add a bit of velvety spice, or some Marmalade Syrup to add a bit of tang. There are so many ways to flavour this syrup, let your imagination run wild!


Adults: 1 – 3 tablespoons daily to prevent colds, or 1 tablespoon 4 – 5 times daily if already unwell. 

Children: 1 teaspoon daily to prevent colds, or 1 teaspoon 2 times daily if already unwell. 

Not recommended for children under 2 years old, due to the honey.


The immune syrup can last up to 2 months when kept refrigerated.

Advisory Note – this elderberry syrup can act as an elixir by helping to support your immune system. Please note that it is not a cure for the flu and other common winter ailments. If you are feeling unwell we advise you to seek medical assistance.

A Cocktail Prescription

We hope that you will enjoy making this medicinal elixir and reuse one of our gorgeous amber bottles. There are many ways to repurpose our syrup bottle but refilling is the easiest. With your fresh elderberry elixir safely stored in our amber bottle why not mix yourself up a cocktail prescription with a splash of Indigo Simple Syrup. Go on try our original E-Elixir Cocktail. There is a lot of vitality and natural goodness in this concoction so we just know you’re going to love it!

Watch our E-Elixir Cocktail reel here

Post your creation and share your experiences with the elderberry syrup with us by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook (@botanikos.syrups)

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