Cocktail Art

Cocktail Art

Cocktail Art


Cocktail art is the creative and visually captivating practice of transforming ordinary drinks into stunning masterpieces. It goes beyond the mere act of mixing ingredients as it involves the skillful use of colours textures and garnishes to enhance the overall asthetic appeal of a cocktail.

From intricately carved fruit garnishes to meticulously layered cocktails or ice sculptures, cocktail art elevates the drinking experience to whole new level, turning each drink into a work of art that not only delights the taste buds but captivates the eye.

Embarking on a personal journey into the world of cocktail garnishing, I have been driven by a thirst for creating visually stunning cocktails. My quest was fueled by a deep desire to use every drink ingredient sustainably and effectively. To explore the art of using colour and shape to create eye catching cocktail decor.


Garnishing Challenge


My journey began as a conversation with my business mentor about cocktails being considered as “Art” A goal was set, to showcase my botanical syrups at a local art exhibition. Prepare and deliver beautiful cocktails as art. Garnishing challange accepted Greame!

Up until this point in time my drinking pleasure was derived from the botanical taste of my favorite spirit “Gin”.  I was happy with or without the garnish. Deep down I knew that garnishes were an important drink ingredient. However, possessing a low level of skill in this area of mixology my garnishes generally came from the fruit bowl. Often plucked from a bush in my kitchen garden.

Simplicity has always been my calling card. Gin cocktails were garnished with sprigs of rosemary and the occassional slice of lemon. Although I mastered the lemon twist and skewing olives on a pick for a dirty martini there was little personal motivation to do more. Drops of bitters on a foamy sour was usually an afterthought.

A negroni and old fashioned need a large ice block and a slice of orange. Daiquiris look better with a strawberry. Mojitos must have mint and lime wedges, Rum cocktails can be dressed to impress with pineapple. Dont forget the salt rimmed glasses for a margarita! Basically, I thought I had my cocktail garnishes sorted.

We have all experienced basic cocktail garnishes drinking at local bars, clubs and restaurants. Although attractive these garnishes are not mesmerizing or memorable. Layering ingredients and ice garnishes are slightly more intriging but I was after a show stopper so I immersed myself in books, blogs and influencer posts, eager to absorb every ounce of knowledge and creative flair.


Classic Cocktail Garnishes


To truly understand the craft of garnishing and cocktail art I realized that I needed to start from the beginning, with a peeler and paring knife. I went though a bag of oranges and lemons before I started to master the asthetics of cutting patterns in peel and making citrus curls twills, roses and cups.

I began experimenting with different shapes sizes and colour to garnish my favourite classic cocktails. Every drink was fair game for an extra flourish. I enjoyed exploring the delicate balance between sweet, sour, bitter, and aromatic elements of a delicious cocktail and its garnish. Each attempt was a lesson in patience and perseverance, as I carefully adjusted measurements and combinations to find the perfect harmony.


Flower Garnishes


My world is about transfering the colour and flavour of botanicals into simple syrups. Delicate herbs, vibrant fruits, and exotic spices are my allies in the pursuit of flavour excellence. I used my arsenal of botanicals and kitchen tools to fashion visually appealing combinations. The gentle floral notes of lavender, the zing of fresh citrus, and the earthy warmth of spices became the building blocks of my cocktail garnishing creations.

There’s just something naturally appealing about using flowers fruit and herbs. Adding garnishes can transform a tasty but visually lacking drink into a masterpiece, or take a cake from boring to extraordinary. Flower garnishes add a unique, delicate, sweet or vegetal flavor. Flowers have an immediate visual impact. Floral garnishes are my kind of cocktail garnish.


Floral Accents Create Visual Appeal


Flower garnishes add a unique touch of elegance and whimsy to a cocktail. A great cocktail is like a symphony, with each note carefully orchestrated to create a harmonious experience on the palate. Chosing the right flower to embelish your drink is as important as selecting the optimal glass!

After many hours of thinking about garnishes I have better understanding of how a visually stunning cocktail has the power to captivate your senses even before the first sip. Tiki cocktails spring to mind with elaborate garnishing that include fruit skewers, mint sprigs, edible flowers, citrus slices and maybe a swizzle stick all arranged under a cocktail umbrella. Unforgettable!

Experience with edible flowers, citrus peel and springs of aromatic herbs has taught me that simplicity is best served with clarity. Pansies have put me on the path to elevating my cocktail creations to new visual heights. Garnishes should be carefully chosen to enhance the flavors, add visual appeal, and create a lasting impression. Botanical accents to draw adminration or at the very least a smile.


Edible Flower Garnish


Edible flower garnishes are easy to source right now if you know where to look. Cherry blossom and lavender are blooming in Spring.  Dandelions and native daisys are found in abundance all year round. Pansies, peonies and honeysuckle make delicate and delightful garnishes. For a pop of vibrant colour add a sunflower. Nastursians flowers are commonly used as garnishes. They have a slight peppery taste and tangy flavour which can add a unique and tasty element to a drink.

Need more inspiration? Take the Pansy Gimlet. Imagine sipping a vibrant lime gimlet garnished with a delicate lilac bloom. As the flavors dance on your palate the colors mesmerize your senses. For me this classic cocktail represents art that is truly transcendant!

Whether you’re hosting a garden party, celebrating a special occasion, or simply seeking to elevate your everyday drinks, edible flowers offer an enchanting touch that captivates both the eye and the taste buds. Time to sprinkle your floral favourtites and create glorious garnishes. Although the ultimate cocktail still eludes me, the joy lies not in the destination, but in the exploration itself.

Wishing you days filled with blooming happines

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