Made In Melbourne

Made in Melbourne

We like to think of ourselves as caretakers of natural botanical infusions blending past and present popular and classic cocktails. Playing our part in shifting the best of Melbourne’s boozy bars into the Suburbs by offering delicious urban tipples. From tasting flights and pop up cocktail events to Friday night drinks. Botanikos syrups is coming for you to enjoy a premium cocktail experience at your local bars and restaurants in the suburbs.

Swapping her lab coat, white board and lap top computer for a black apron and kitchen bench Founder Karen Dover is making small batch hand crafted syrups. It’s all science to ‘Karen as she gets creative blending botanical ingredients and experimenting with familiar flavours. Behind every new flavour is a purpose. The purpose is to bring bold natural flavours to cocktails and mocktails made at home.

She considers herself more a practical scientist than an entrepreneur. Her goal is simple, to combine pure natural ingredients with good old fashioned handcrafted processes and bring delicious cocktails back home.


Botanical herbs

Most of the ingredients are gown or sourced locally. Botanical blending is key and infusion of these botanicals into her syrups creates original flavours and a premium taste, having quality products with clear instructions helps consumers mix delicious cocktails simply, easily, confidently, like an expert.

Made in Melbourne herbs are sourced from her kitchen garden, citrus from neighbours’ lemon and lime and orange trees and spices from a local organic produce store. That’s our provenance.

Similar to KFC the secret is in the blending of botanical ingredients, a lesson learnt from her other passion of drinking tea.  “We do the hard work so you can take it easy”. The trick is simplifying the act of combining flavours when mixing a cocktail. Cocktail Bars like the Black Pearl make unique cocktail creations so bar tenders can show off their skills with a shimmy and a shake. But at the end of the day booze is just booze and a cocktail bar is a cool looking room with the lights turned down low to capture the perfect mood, so you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Yes, bars are the perfect place to dress up and be seen but home is way more intimate. At the heart of every great cocktail is stimulating your senses. Botanikos knows how to make bold botanical flavours to help you create classy cocktails that will satisfy your sweet tooth and sense of adventure.

The star to our brand is the natural flavours that fill up our bottles and your glass. Go to our website and discover more about the botanicals in our simple syrups


Sit back and relax

Imagine being at home relaxed on your plush sofa lights down low listening to your curated Spotify or vinyl collection sipping on your favourite cocktail. You are no longer cueing at a busy understaffed bar your comfy at home either with your partner, girlfriend or by yourself…Bliss!!

If you are ready for a relaxing cocktail, try our Lavender Aviation all sophistication and simply divine

Here at Botanikos we pay homage to all the famous cocktails and our recipes range from the sour to the savoury from exotic to sweet cocktails. You can have it all at your fingertips. With our botanically flavoured simple syrups you will never be far away from a classic or inspiration to craft your own drink. Mocktails are no longer boring fruit or soda drinks but thoughtfully considered and sophisticated drinks minus the alcohol and hangover.


Melbourne made mocktails

We cater to the sober curious and you will discover with our help a host of tips tricks and techniques that can help balance a drink without the alcohol. Flavours like salt sugar syrup and acid help create the body of the mocktail while ingredients like tea or juice give it structure. Carbonation plays a big part in making a drink it’s a great way to add texture and life to an alcoholic cocktail.

Join our VIP Family and learn more about how to make your perfect drink

Melbourne is the self-proclaimed craft gin capital of the country and Victorian distilleries the likes of Alchemy, Animus, Bass & Flinders and Little Lon claim to make expertly crafted artisanal gins. Gin influencers like 4 Pillars is a great place to learn how gin is made and sniff botanicals. But Botanikos Syrups take this one step further and offers thirsty drinkers tasting flights of botanical cocktail syrups then shows them how to create masterful cocktails and mocktails with attitude. Move over pub crawls, wine weekends and gin paddles, cocktail tastings never tasted so good.

Follow us to look out for the next Tasting Flight and Pop-up Cocktail Events.


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