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Botanikos Gift Box


Introducing our beautifully designed Botanikos Gift Box. This box hold 3 x 100ml syrups or shrubs. Choose your pick of delicious all natural flavoured syrups for your next cocktail or Mocktail. The perfect gift this Christmas!

The Botanikos Gift Box—A Flavourful Delight for Every Celebration!

Get ready to elevate your mixology game with our exquisitely designed Botanikos Gift Box!  This delightful box holds the key to crafting sensational cocktails and mocktails—three 100ml bottles of your chosen all-natural flavoured syrups or shrubs. It’s the ultimate gift of flavour exploration and mixology creativity, perfect for the festive season!

Syrup Selection: Take your pick from a bouquet of delectable syrups! Indulge in the zesty notes of Bitter Orange, embrace the sweetness of Chocola, bask in the floral delights of Hibiscus, zest up your drinks with Lime, wander through a Rose Garden, or infuse the essence of Rosemary. Each syrup is a flavour journey waiting to be explored!

Shrub Selection: Dive into the world of shrubs—a harmonious blend of vinegar, fruit, and sweetness! Choose from the tantalizing flavours of Blueberry, the spicy kick of Ginger, the exotic allure of Passionfruit, or the nostalgic charm of Strawberry Gum. It’s a shrub-tastic adventure for your taste buds!

The Perfect Christmas Present: Whether it’s for a mixology enthusiast, a cocktail connoisseur, or someone who simply loves flavourful experiences, the Botanikos Gift Box is the ultimate present. It’s the gift of creativity, taste, and endless cocktail possibilities wrapped in a beautiful package!

Unwrap the gift of mixology and embark on a flavour-filled journey this Christmas!


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