Hand-Made in Melbourne

100% Organic Ingredients

Gluten-Free, No Preservatives

Cinnamon Shrub


The cinnamon and apple cider shrub display’s a warm golden hue reminiscent of autumn leaves. It has a clear and inviting appearance.

A delightful blend of tart apple cider and warm cinnamon, this shrub offers a fruity bouquet while the cinnamon adds a comforting spicy note that evokes memories of cozy gatherings and festive celebrations. Upon the first sip the flavours of apple envelop the palate and provide crisp and juicy sensation perfectly in balance with the warmth and slight heat of the cinnamon creating a harmonious and comforting flavour profile. Elevating apple cider shrub mocktail to a rich flavourful experience. 

Enjoyed hot or cold it brings together classic combinations of apple and cinnamon in a delicious and refreshing way.

All drinking vinegars have been infused with local or indigenous botanicals to create an original flavour. Shrub mixers are perfect with Seltzer or Sparkling Water.

Ingredients: Cinnamon Myrtle leaves, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugar Springwater

Quantity: 270 ml

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