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Margarita Mix Collection


Enjoy the best Margarita ever with our Lime, Hibiscus, and Marmalade syrups. Life wouldn’t be as good without the tart tangy taste of citrus or floral-powered margarita cocktails.

Our Margarita Mix features:

Hibiscus Simple Syrup:

Hibiscus tastes like summer with its fruity, sweet, sour notes and a tartness similar to cranberries. To round off the tart, we have blended hibiscus flowers with raspberries strawberries elderberries for a natural sweet and sour flavoured syrup that everyone can enjoy.

This berry red syrup contains a fruity punch and pairs well with rum and tequila. Are you ready to add a new flavour twist to your vodka espresso martini? Hibiscus Simple Syrup is sure to be an instant hit in party punches.

Quantity – 270ml


Lime Simple Syrup:

Made from fresh limes and kaffir leaves, this lightly perfumed Lime Simple Syrup is bursting with a potent citrus flavour that is the perfect combination of sour with a floral undertone.

This syrup makes a refreshing change from all the other lime cordials and has a delightfully distinctive lime flavour well worth trying for its ability to reinvigorate a cocktail.

Quantity – 270ml


Marmalade Simple Syrup

Our Marmalade Simple Syrup is the sweet addition you need for that punch of orange citrus flavour. A tangy balance of sweet and sour with hints of bitter orange but an aftertaste of sweet marmalade. The perfect combination of citrus fruit. Sweet and vibrant, the marmalade texture is smooth and a little sticky.

Add this easy-to-use, versatile syrup to many of your favourite drinks for an amazing taste that’s sure to please all your senses. Bet your guests will love it!

Quantity – 270ml

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