Repurposing your Botanikos Bottle

Repurposing Your Botanikos Bottle

Botanikos Syrup Bottles

So you’ve enjoyed a few cocktails, mocktails, maybe even some syrup-soaked pancakes and have found yourself with a small collection of empty amber bottles… Now what?

Well, you could add them to your recycling bin to be taken to the depo with all of your other empty glass goods, but how sustainable (and fun) is that?.. really? We think reusing your bottles for all sorts of exciting craft activities, storage, or aesthetics purposes is a much greater idea. So we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you and compiled a list of our top 10 tips for reusing your Botanikos syrup bottles.


But first, how did we end up here?

Well as I’m sure you know by now, we at Botanikos are all about living sustainably and leaving the world a better place than how we found it. After all, Botanikos was born while I was taming my luscious rosemary bush, knowing I couldn’t possibly cook enough lamb to use each beautiful and aromatic sprig. I sat, gin & tonic in hand, pondering how I could ensure none of this freshly trimmed rosemary went to waste – and that was when I had my light bulb moment! Ah-huh! I would make a syrup and add it to my beloved G&T.

More on that story here.


Okay but how do I get the labels off?

We know, we know… removing labels can be so time-consuming and difficult which is why we’ve just introduced a new range of product labels that make the removal so easy! However, if you’re trying to recycle an old syrup bottle, here are a couple of tips to get that pesky paper label off with ease;

  • Add hot water to the bottle (avoid getting the label wet), put the lid back on and let sit for 5-10 minutes. The hot water should help melt the glue from the label, making the peel off much more satisfying.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can try to soak the whole bottle in hot water with some dish soap and vinegar. Leave soaking for a minimum of 30 minutes and peel/scrub the label off.
  • Still have some glue residue? Some people mention the use of baking soda or oil to scrub the glue off, however we’re yet to try this method so be sure to let us know if it works for you.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

Okay, now what you’ve been waiting for, the top 10 ways of all time to reuse your bottle… Well we like to think so.


1. Store your fresh flowers

Have you ever been to a cute little café that reuses glass jars & bottles as a vase? There’s something so beautiful about seeing a recycled bottle with new life and a new purpose. It’s simple, looks great, and you can forever choose different flowers to bring colour to your new ‘vase’. Our favourite flowers to add are baby’s-breath, daisies, a tulip, mixed coloured poppies, or a simple rose.


2. Make elderberry immune elixir

Elderberry elixir is a great tasting, easy to make, immune boosting concoction that the whole family will love. We use it when we feel a cold coming on, or if we just need a little health pick-me-up. Plus, our empty bottles are the perfect size to store your elixir!

See the elixir blog and recipe here, or a video recipe here if you’re more of a visual learner, like me.


3. Herb/plant cuttings

If you’re anything like me, you’re always taking plant cuttings from neighbours plants or when you visit your family (with permission, of course). Also, owning a sizable garden means I’m always cutting off bits and pieces to use over the next couple of days. So why not store them in a bottle that you’ve already got at home? Add water for plant cuttings, or leave empty if you’re wanting that sprig of lavender to dry out. Either way it will not only be practical, but it will look as cute as a button too.


4. Incense or taper candle holder

We love using incense to make our home smell amazing! So of course we use our leftover Botanikos bottles as incense holders, and boy do they look great! All you need to do is place your incense stick in the bottle, and light the top end. Depending on the length of your incense, it can even work great at catching any falling ash.

If you’re not an incense person, try using your bottle as a candle holder instead. Taper candles work best, as they fit perfectly inside the opening of the bottle. They look great as the candle wax drips down the sides too!


5. Decor with dried flowers

Love the idea of using your bottle as a vase, but don’t want to change out the flowers each week? Then dried flowers are for you! Dried flowers can last months, if not years! Even something as simple as a stem of dried eucalyptus will look great on your coffee table.


6. Make & store infused olive oil

Now these top 10 are by no means in order of our favourites, as this idea has got to be right up there! All it takes is some olive oil, your favourite herb or spice, and a little bit of patience. Google is filled with wonderful oil infusion recipes. Our favourite home-made oils are chilli, garlic, or lemon. The bonus about storing your oils in our amber bottles is that the amber protects your infused oils from too much light or heat, which can quickly turn an oil rancid… you’re welcome!

Infused oils make great gifts too!


7. Make a batch of health/wellness shots or kombucha

Health shots are all the rage, and for good reason! The tiny amount of liquid is packed with so many nutrients and if made right, tastes great too. Health shots can be made using a juicer and your favourite nutrient dense fruits & veggies. No juicer? No problem! You can also make them using a blender and adding a little bit of water, just google “health shot without a juicer”. Our favourite recipes are this ginger immunity shot recipe, this turmeric & ginger recipe, and this leafy greens recipe.

You could also use your bottle to store home-made kombucha!


8. Make into cups

This idea reminds me of being in college and turning empty alcohol bottles into cups, although since our syrup bottles are unbranded (once you’ve removed the label), no one would know that you’ve made them! To turn your bottle into a cup, you’ll need hot and cold elements, as well as some sandpaper. There are a few different techniques out there so feel free to do the method that suits you, although here is a video on the top 3 ways to turn your bottle into a cup.

Then if you’re feeling extra crafty, take it one step further and turn your new cup into a stunning candle and give it as a gift this holiday season. Click here for a beginners candle making tutorial.


9. Use for craft with kids

There are so many ideas on Pinterest for glass bottles & craft, just be mindful of safety when getting crafty with glass and children. One fun idea is to make paper or fabric clothes/hair accessories etc to stick on the bottle, turning it into a fun character. You could even have your children paint faces on their new character – let their imaginations run wild! 

There is a great example of painting on glass bottles here that might help spark your creativity, and another video here to show you just how fun painting or decorating your bottle can be!


10. Use as a spray bottle

All you need to do is remove the spray nozzle from an empty cleaning product, trim the straw to size, and screw it on to your syrup bottle. Now you’ve got the perfect spray bottle for your home-made cleaning products, air fresheners, plant mister – the options are endless!


Multipurpose spray

For an easy, natural cleaning agent, fill the bottle with ⅓ vinegar, ⅓ filtered water, and 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil. For cleaning, we love eucalyptus, lemon, orange, or lavender. Just be sure to check the safety of your chosen oil around pets (if you have them).


Air freshener

All it takes is water, witch hazel, and essential oils to spritz your home with a delightfully scented air freshener. See how to make your own here.


Plant mister

If you’re anything like me, your plants are like your babies and this idea is for you! You could simply fill your bottle with water to mist your humidity-loving plants, or you could make an all-natural insecticide spray to ward off those unwanted critters. As Smiths Pest Management says, “Tomato plants are a member of the nightshade family, which means they contain alkaloids that can kill pests.”

“To make your own organic insecticide spray, chop up two cups of fresh tomato leaves, place them into a quart of water, and allow the mixture to steep overnight. Strain, pour into a spray bottle and spray directly onto plant foliage.”


Spice up your bottle with a custom made label using an embosser or handwritten label, and you have a gorgeous, eco-friendly bottle perfect for so many uses!




We can’t help ourselves, we have so many ideas running through our minds on the best ways to repurpose your Botanikos products. We’ve given you our top 10 favourite ways to reuse your bottles, so now it’s time to talk about repurposing the packaging your Botanikos goodies come in.

Black mailer bag

The bags we use are from Zero Waste Co, and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our favourite way to reuse them is to turn them into a seedling bag,  add soil, and plant our favourite fruit or vegetable seeds. 

Cardboard tube (when ordering 1 bottle).

The cardboard tube that your syrup came in can be used to store pencils, craft tools, or used to house games like dominos, dice, or cards. 

Or, use your box as gift packaging to gift a loved one with homemade cookies or chocolates inside.

The carry pack (when ordering multiple bottles).

The carry pack could be repurposed into a carry box for other sauces in the pantry, just spray paint the outside in your favourite colour. Or, let your children decorate the carry pack and use it as a miniature doll house. 


There you have it – our top 10 ways to repurpose your empty Botanikos syrup bottle, plus a few bonus tips. Let us know if you give any a go and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook showing off your repurposed bottle @botanikos.syrups.



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