The Radler

The Radler

Beer is one of the oldest and the most widely consumed type of alcoholic drink in the world and in case you haven’t noticed, it gets pretty damn hot here in summer, so we felt it merited to include a refreshing beer cocktail.

The history behind the Radler style is almost as cool as the beer lemon concoction itself. But to better understand the Radler it is the European version of an English Shandy- a diluted down light beer.

The term Radler originates from a drink called Radlermass created by Innkeeper Franz Kugler in a small town named Deisenhofen, just outside Munich. During the great cycling boom of the Roaring Twenties, Kugler created a bicycle trail from Munich, through the woods, which led directly to his drinking establishment. On a beautiful June day in 1922, a reported “13,000 cyclists” crashed Kugler’s party. Fast running out of beer, he blended it 50/50 with a lemon soda he could never seem to get rid of, and the rest is history.

Our Botanikos version of “The Radler” packs more punch because it is made in the bottle without the soda. However, if you do wish to dilute the cocktail 50:50 with soda a beer jug will be necessary.

This refreshing low alcohol cocktail is easy to make. We like to use the Corona Extra (lager) beer which has a long neck and comes in a clear bottle so we can see the cocktail!!



  1. Remove the cap from the beer bottle
  2. Add 10 ml (2 tsp) Lemon Simple Syrup into the bottle
  3. Push the lemon wedge into the neck of the bottle
  4. Watch the syrup mix into the beer
  5. Now you have an extra lemony fresh beer cocktail

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