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Signature Christmas Collection


The halls are decked, the season is jolly, it’s time for tidings of joy. Skip the boring this year—holiday parties deserve plenty of fun and loads of flavour in the festive drinks. Whether you want a champagne, gin, vodka, rum, or tequila base, we’ve got a Christmas cocktail for you.

Get into the Christmas spirit with our curated Christmas Collection of simple syrups to make delicious cocktails that will impress any guest.

Start with a refreshing gin cocktail made with Chocola simple syrup which we are calling Mooi (beautiful). This cocktail delivers spicy pear to smooth jangled nerves and help you feel calm and cosy.

If excitement is what you crave then partake in a goblet of our dangerously addictive Hibiscus margarita. Perfect any time of day or night alongside a traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey with stuffing or ham with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables.

For dessert what better than a mug of Marmalade rum punch to have with a slice Christmas pudding, or fruitcake.

Ready to freshen up your Christmas glass…

See tasting notes for each syrup below!

Chocola Simple Syrup

For centuries the Dutch have been using a delicious and powerful combination of cinnamon cloves, cardamom and nutmeg spices to flavor their comestibles.

Try a touch of exotic Dutch spices blended with roasted Australian cocoa shells then add a smidge of warm peppery ginger to treat your taste buds.

Chocola syrup dials up the spicy notes but still delivers a smooth velvety taste; a wonderful addition to a gin or vodka espresso martini.

Try out our bespoke Chocola cocktail called Mooi; it is beautiful!

Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Hibiscus tastes like summer with its fruity, sweet, sour notes and a tartness similar to cranberries. To round off the tart, we have blended hibiscus flowers with raspberries, strawberries and elderberries for a natural sweet and sour syrup that everyone can enjoy.

This berry red syrup contains a fruity punch and pairs well with vodka, rum and tequila. Hibiscus Simple Syrup is sure to be an instant hit in party punches.

Bring on the festivity!

Marmalade Simple Syrup

Our Marmalade Simple Syrup is the sweet addition you need for that punch of orange citrus flavour. A tangy balance of sweet and sour with hints of bitter orange but an aftertaste of sweet marmalade. The perfect combination of citrus fruit. Sweet and vibrant, the marmalade texture is smooth and a little sticky.

Add this easy-to-use, versatile syrup to many of your favourite drinks for an amazing taste that’s sure to please all your senses. Bet your guests will love it!

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