Crimson Soda Lemonade

There is a plethora of refreshing non alcoholic drinks available so we have tried to make even the simplest one we could think of a stand out. Hibiscus syrup was made to mix with anything and everything. From mocktail to cocktail, tequila to toddy. You will thank me after your red velvet latte!

Dry July wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion a healthy non intoxicating option. This will for sure be the easiest recipe you will ever follow.

A Holiday Treat

Let the kids have fun making their own crimson soda lemonade at home. Because all our syrups are naturally sweet and free from artificial colours flavours or preservatives they will taste better. There will be no “off the wall behaviours” if they want more than one drink or splash too much syrup into their soda.

Fruit Sticks Fun

Keep the kids hands occupied by getting them to skewer berries for a delicious healthy garnish snack. If they are old enough give them a knife and cutting board for orange and lemon wheels to decorate their drink and then eat after.



  1. Add ice to a tall glass or mason jar
  2. Pour lemonade into glass or jar
  3. Top with a splash of Hibiscus syrup
  4. Do not stir (Note: mixing will happen slowly by diffusion which is fun to watch)
  5. Option to add a straw or fruit garnish


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